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Are you looking for an answer to your or a family members drug addiction? Is alcohol abuse becoming chronic? Have these and other life-controlling problems been spinning out of control. Delmarva Teen Challenge offers a place. A haven of hope for adult men. For men eighteen and older the program is both intensive and dynamic. In his book "Wild At Heart" author John Eldridge says that, "deep in his heart every man longs for a battle to fight and an adventure to live…" The battle for many is drug abuse. The adventure is what God has in store for those who will walk in His ways.

At Delmarva Teen Challenge we teach men principles with purpose. Through biblical principles we help men define who they are and provide them with the tools needed to assist them in the process of recovery. A rigorous and regimented program Teen Challenge offers both personal growth and group studies and counseling. A variety of vocational training programs are available varying according to center location.

Each student will learn to apply biblical principles to the challenges of everyday life through practical processes. Teen challenge is not an easy program. Consisting of several phases over a 12-month period of time each student will have a structured environment. However; thousands of graduates nationally will tell you that it's worth the effort!

While in the Delmarva Teen Challenge program, you will learn how to turn to God and be honest with yourself. You will experience inner healing and be able to trust others again. Come and experience restoration and start developing healthy relationships.

Why is the Teen Challenge program is so effective. . . 
Since Teen Challenge first opened it’s doors, thousands have come seeking help and have found the Helper. . .

The Adult Programs are successful in assisting individuals to find freedom from life-controlling problems as we proclaim with both our lips and our lives God’s great and glorious love. It is love alone that can break the hardest of hearts and lead to a life of obedience and service.

At Teen Challenge, Christ-centered teaching is at the heart of what we do. Through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, we aim to lure people away from the fleeting pleasures of sin into ever-increasing joy in God as we make known the supreme beauty of Christ crucified and risen again.

We believe teaching faith in Jesus Christ instills a new nature and alters the behavior that allows the entire person to heal. Teen Challenge firmly believes, and results show, that an individual establishes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ if he wishes to find permanent freedom from life-controlling issues. This central spiritual dynamic is the foundation upon which all aspects of the Teen Challenge program are built.

Delmarva Teen Challenge rests upon one reason for success: “The Jesus Factor.”

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